What drives us

Fossil fuels are only available in limited quantities. Their extraction and utilization is destroying our living space. Our dependence on energy sources and the associated uncertainty and unpredictability must also be reduced in the coming years. The cost of generating energy using renewable sources has fallen dramatically in recent years. Solar solutions are now the order of the day.

In the future, renewable energies will contribute an increasing share to energy production. We have made it our business to combine these renewable energy sources in a meaningful way. Whether photovoltaics, solar thermal energy, heat pumps or geothermal energy, our energy systems are optimally designed for the respective location. A holistic approach and the intelligent integration of existing systems distinguish us! See 3F Energy Concepts

Practical problems give rise to exciting development potential for 3F. We bring new ideas and concepts to market maturity or to patented solutions. In doing so, we work together with scientific and industrial partners. Solar energy will be an important building block in the energy transition towards renewable energies. To make optimum use of the sun, we have developed the perfect symbiosis of photovoltaics and solar thermal energy: the Solar One Hybrid collector.

What you get

Hybrid technology and hybrid collector systems 100%
Planning and construction management of solar plants 100%
Individual energy concepts 100%
Special applications 100%


Especially for the hotel industry, the combination between hybrid collector, photovoltaic, solar thermal is a game changer. With 3F energy concepts up to 60% of the energy costs were saved.


To successfully sell your construction project in the market, it requires sustainable technologies such as the hybrid solar collector to be included in design process from the beginning on.


We are the perfect partners when it comes to the renovation of old buildings or the redesign of entire city districts.

Contact us!


Have you always wanted to have a SOLAR power plant on the roof of your commercial property? We help you to optimize this unused space energetically to save maximum operating costs.


Are you responsible for municipal buildings? The 3F hybrid solar panel is a must! Show your community how sustainability really works. Make a point with your sustainable lighthouse project.


Are you an architect or building services planner? We will be happy to help you with the tender and advise you! So that you can put together the most sustainable package for your building owner.