The most efficient solar panel of all time.

Der 3F Hybridkollektor

Install once, use twice.

Photovoltaic modules produce electricity, solar thermal collectors produce heat, and Solar One hybrid collectors produce both. By cooling down photovoltaic cells, our collectors can produce more electricity than conventional photovoltaic systems. The generated heat is used for hot water and to support the heating system.

Solar One info brochure (pdf)


Extremely efficient. And good looking.

290 Wp
Electricity yield / collector

825 W
Heat yield / collecto

1676 x 1008 x 63
height x width x depth in mm


Product data sheet (pdf)


Test report of the Austrian Institute of Technology (pdf)


Warmly recommended. For good reasons.

Maximum yield

Double use of your roof area: Up to 30% of additional electricity yield compared to conventional photovoltaic modules. Plus hot water for your shower and to support your heating system.

Made in Austria

Solar One hybrid collectors are an innovative and patented product developed and produced in Austria.

Defrost function

If your Solar One hybrid collectors are covered with snow, the reversed water circuit flow will melt the snow thus ensuring your energy yield.

Top Design

Solar One hybrid collectors set new standards in design. The frames are available in different colours. Individual shapes and designs are no problem.

Plug & play installation

Solar One hybrid collectors can easily be connected with each other and installed on a rack, on your roof or on your façade.

Long service life

Solar One hybrid collectors dissipate heat. Due to constant temperatures, the collectors are subjected to less load and thus have a longer service life compared to conventional systems.

Worth more than they cost.

How much can you save?

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