Our motivation

We only have limited resources of fossil fuels. Their production and exploitation destroys our habitat. Moreover, in the coming years we must reduce our dependence on fuels from politically unstable countries and the associated insecurity and unpredictability. The costs for energy production using renewable energy sources have been drastically reduced over the last years.
Renewable energies will have an increasing share in energy production in the future. We have made it our mission to systematically combine these renewable energy sources, and to design the ideal energy system for each facility. A holistic approach and the intelligent integration of existing systems feature as our strengths. See 3F energy concepts
3F finds exciting development potential in practical problems. In cooperation with scientific and industrial partners, we work on new ideas and concepts until they can be launched and/or patented. Solar energy will play an important role in the change to renewable energies. For the optimal utilisation of the sun we have developed the perfect symbiosis of photovoltaic and solar heat: the Solar One collector

Our skills

Hybrid technology 98%
Construction management 80%
Individual energy concepts 90%
Special applications 75%

Our team

Alexander FriedrichFounder and Managing Director
“It’s about using our global resources, not exploiting them. I don’t want to pass on a CO2-polluted planet to my kids, but aim rather to harmonise the need for energy with sustainability.”
Laurenz StoisserSales
“Our Solar One hybrid collectors convert 70% of solar energy into heat and electricity. Thus, any investment in renewable energies will pay off even quicker – for companies and private households.”
Martin SchussTechnics
“Photovoltaic and solar heat have long been their own industrial sectors. Lateral thinking and a new approach was vital for the symbiosis of the two. We combined the best out of both sectors and created a unique product which is economically and ecologically impressive.”
Jürgen OberwinklerProduction Manager
“The way from development to production is not a one-way street. The production in our factory is subject to permanent further development and innovation. Our technological edge is ensured by short communication channels and genuine teamwork.”

Our partners